Photography by Kristin Piljay

My second experience in an isolation tank

I went for my second isolation tank float tonight and it was similar to the last one, but slightly different.  It seemed that I had the need to move around more than last time with different positions for my arms as I had tension in my neck and shoulder.  Funny that all that climbing and aerial don’t seem to aggravate my shoulder, but floating on water can.  I tried arms at my side, palms down and palms up.  That was ok for the shoulder, but then I had neck tension.  So I put my arms over my head and that was better for my neck and was ok for the shoulder for a while, but then it started to ache.  At home afterward, I did some self-massage on my subscap and that seemed to rid me of the shoulder irritation.

I noticed when I first shut the hatch and was enveloped into total darkness that everything seemed dark red rather than black for the first few minutes.  When I went deeper into theta waves, I had the visualizations again, although I noticed these were the same with my eyes closed or opened, which was different from last time. Again these were mostly shades of gray from almost white to darker gray against the black.  There was more texture this time rather than swirling.  It reminded me of a reptile.  I started thinking that it looked like I was inside a giant reptilian creature.  Then I thought……dinosaur…..I was inside a dinosaur floating in  its stomach, waiting to be digested.   Strangely, this thought did not disturb me.  It was more amusing than anything else.  Some of the reptilian textures starting moving towards me in 3D, like twisting worms with eyes on the end.  Yes, weird, but it was not frightening…..just interesting to watch.

I also had a visualization of seeing myself floating, but I was in a canyon in a bright blue pool of water.

I alternated between the feeling of almost falling asleep and seeing the visualizations, to adjusting my position in the tank, swirling my hair around in the water for fun, and bending at the waist from side to side for the sensation in the water.

My next float is in 10 days and it’s a longer one at 2 hours.  So I am curious how the longer float will feel.  It always seems like it ends too soon!

In the facility, they have an area where you can have a tea and there are a few books there to read.  One is art created from people who have floated and was quite interesting.  So many different interpretations and experiences of the floating experience.